Bonjour, I'm Daniel Mathiot (Danymat), and welcome to my *Brain* ! 👋 I'm a [[#Hacker|hacker]], [[#Thinker|thinker]], [[#Builder|builder]] and [[#Presenter|presenter]]. ![[logo.png|300]] I regularly revisit this website and write [[#Blog Posts]]. I'm open to receiving mails at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I'm also available at [X]( All my code is in [Github]( Professional network, find me at [LinkedIn]( ## Blog Posts - [[2024-05-27 Story of a CPTS exam]] (in progress) - [[2023-01-21 First updates]] ## Hacker Currently employed as a Cybersecurity Engineer, I spend my working time pentesting and sharing best security practices to internal teams. I'm also CPTS (Certified Penetration Tester Specialist) certified. You can sometimes find me on [HackTheBox]( doing CTFs. Hackers, you can explore [[202310191258 Danymat TTP Framework|My personal hacking TTP]]. ## Thinker Close to the open sharing philosophy, I decided to share most of my notes as a desire to *disseminate knowledge* and foster learning. By making my insights accessible, I aim to create a dialogue with those who wish to learn alongside me. To bring order to my inherently disorganized note-taking process, each note in this site can be located from any of the _starting point_ listed below. To learn more about the concept, check out [[202104180714 What is a starting point]]. > [!tldr]+ Technology & Development > - [[202107091004 Penetration Testing]] > - [[20210313202 §1 Cyber Security]] > - [[202102241250 §1 Development]] > [!tldr]+ Self-Improvement & Health > - [[202402131153 Health]] > - [[202308012035 Finance]] > [!tldr]+ Note-Taking & Organizational Systems > - [[202102241246 §1 Zettelkasten]] > - [[202103241109 Les Post-It peuvent servir à faire executer des actions autrement ignorées]] > - [[202308071015 GTD]] > - [[202308201348 How to organize and structure a work]] > - [[202403102304 Systems Thinking]] > [!tldr]+ Philosophy & Thought > - [[202102241235 §1 Philosophy]] > - [[20210313222 §1 Geopolitics]] > - [[202312231713 Blogs I follow]] > [!tldr]+ Artistic Expressions > - [[202102241239 §1 Magic]] For an overview of the books and academic papers that I've delved into, refer to my reading list: [[202211040138 Reading List]]. ## Builder - [Neogen]( is a Neovim plugin designed to ease developer's documenting their code. It is an annotation generator, supporting more than 15 languages, and leverage Tree-Sitter language parser. - [Neorg]( is a all-in-one organization tool for Neovim. I participated in implementing the first GTD (Getting Things Done™) module that got a quite franck success. (A new version is definitely in the works)[^1] - [INSAnonym-utils]( was created during the [APVP 2022]( (12th Privacy Protection Workshop) of the [GDR Sécurité Informatique]( I created this tool to help non-technical researchers creating anonymization scripts and applying them to a Database during the workshop. - [Obsidian Markdown Parser]( is a basic python parsing library to fetch useful information from an Obsidian vault. - [ffufify]( is a small lua script designed to copy Burp requests to ffuf tool, and it was presented in the [rump session of the 2022 LeHack]( event. ## Presenter - [Legacy does not always mean old and busted (NeovimConf 2022)]( is a short presentation made during NeovimConf 2022 event, where I discuss about the potential of embracing legacy in development. [^1]: